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As the world turned into an unforgiving desert, people made their way underground. Remains of an old-world factory now swallowed by the desert-it seemed like a suitable home. But the cold grounds weren't gentle either, as the damp darkness tore away at their flesh, gwnawing at their bones.

Yet born of desperation, a scientific breakthrough was made: Some humans were able to receive nutrients by feeding on blood plasma, extracted from other-less than willing - individuals. And so, mankind's remnants were divided between predators and their cattle.

The wealthy predators thrived in their false bliss, as their minds slowly fell into insanity- sip by sip. The regular folk  however, started to die out. Either starved, or corralled and fed to the upper echelon. Yet with so much death, bodies tossed aside, lakes of festering waste blood- it almost began to seem as though the decay had nourished the grounds to life...

I wonder...will you flee this bountiful graveyard? Or be consumed and left to rot?


WASD to move

Shift to sprint

E to interact / pick up

F to toggle flashlight


Tobias Heukäufer - Coding / Project lead

Catriona Barclay - Game art lead

Artem Gulyaev - SFX / Story writing

Mark Braasch - Concept art

Jasmin Stahn - Game art

Lucas Gusev - SFX / Music

This game was created at the Game Design // UE at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai "Building Worlds"  (Summer Semester 2021)

University of Europe for Applied Sciences - Wikipedia


BloodyPlasma_v1.0.zip 57 MB


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Hey, this is a good start! I would change the music tho, as the clear loop gets stale over time. Also a little more direction from the game is needed, as I do not know the level, I am kinda walking around aimlessly. So maybe add an objective or some indicator telling the player where to go.


Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. We're going to keep working on the game in the future and will work out the level design quirks!